How British are you?

Are you British? No, well see if you would pass the test, if you do come over and say 'hello' If you are, take the test, hope you pass or you'll be deported to Russia!

Good luck duck! The quiz is aimed at Brits, but anyone outside of the Best Country in the world please feel free to have a go, you never know you might fit in over here.

Created by: bboop
  1. After a Hard day at Work whats you favourite tipple?
  2. What is your ideal date?
  3. Favourite food?
  4. At the end of a night out your found?
  5. Who do you respect the most?
  6. Perfect job?
  7. Most likely to say?
  8. Whats you favourite TV Show?
  9. And when you watching la Tv, whats your fav snack?
  10. Who Shot Phil Mitchel?
  11. Who wants to uy his Mum a Bungalow?

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Quiz topic: How British am I?