Which British accent do you have?

Which British accent do you have? If you don't know then take this amazing, wonderful, brilliant, superb, tremendous, fantastic quiz! It will truly make your day!

I'm sorry if you aren't from Britain. It really is an average place but if you are a foreigner from Britain why not take in anyway? It's all for fun innit?

Created by: Bambi of QueenOfAmber's YouTube
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  1. How would you say "Mary"?
  2. Favorite word?
  3. What music do you like the best?
  4. Do these words sound the same: "We" and "Wee"
  5. How about these: "Coffin" and "Coffing"
  6. And these: "Hair" and "Here"
  7. Which term would you use to describe someone who is weird or gross:
  8. Does "Mere" rhyme with "Here"?
  9. Does "Book" rhyme with "Hook"?
  10. Where are you from? (Britain only)

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Quiz topic: Which British accent do I have?