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  • Welsh:) I like your quiz cos ppl always have "witch America accent do you have" but this was the first "which British accent you have" bloody awesome!

    turewerewolf Mar 17 '15, 7:18AM
  • they said i have a Chavvy accent but i know i talk very nice English

    Gemma styles Mar 14 '15, 1:56PM
  • Chavvy!

    Pyra Potter Dec 11 '14, 8:03PM
  • Can I point out that IRELAND is not in or part of BRITAIN! It is a separate country and state.

    Char Aug 8 '14, 4:27PM
  • I have normal accent. Thanks god bc the majority of my mates have chavvy accent. Bridgwater, Somerset, England:)

    charlotte_louise Apr 1 '14, 3:20PM
  • Irish xD... I was expecting Scottish...

    Mike_Revenge Mar 16 '14, 9:09AM
  • 81% Posh? Well, not bad at all.
    Second place - normal. None of Irish and Scottish sounds.
    My English teacher would be glad, I guess.
    I do feel royal now.

    ksifu Dec 25 '13, 7:54AM
  • I got normal.

    10fernandesl Sep 1 '13, 9:25AM
  • I don't even know what chavvy means! I'm normal, yay! I only sound posh when i'm vloeking out taxi drivers...

    arete77 May 18 '13, 11:50PM
  • I got welsh!, funny thing is that I'm not even from Britain

    Brallectra Nov 12 '12, 2:05AM
  • Chavvy. I don't even live in England, I live in Minnesota.

    LunaLovegood3 Jul 11 '12, 10:33PM
  • chavvy. thats so true. i usually dont say my Ts like in water. i live in kent in england if anyone was wondering.

    luver888 Jul 8 '12, 10:14AM
  • I am normal

    KevinL Mar 19 '12, 4:58AM
  • Oh.. My god. I have got Posh Totty , chavvy twice , normal once , I think this really needs improvement

    DrarryLove Feb 18 '12, 9:12AM
  • damni got chavvy

    misa1994 Feb 9 '12, 8:16AM

    art and music Jan 3 '12, 7:22PM
  • Im a chav haha

    bobobo5g4 Dec 10 '11, 1:39PM
  • First result was "Chavvy",then I changed answer to question 7 and got "Posh Totty"; quite a difference! The quiz needs to be a bit more precise.

    Archie Pitts Sep 17 '11, 7:42AM
  • I got chavvy which is kinda right cause I'm scottish and have lived their my whole life but sound like a chavvy with a scottish accent lol

    charlottie9898 Aug 17 '11, 11:33AM
  • this is a stupid test, with stupid answers.


    suckitup Jun 23 '11, 7:35PM
  • This is the most inaccurate stupid quiz ever. I talk normal and i got chavvy, make it more accurate what a stupid quiz. Good questions though.

    Puppydog Mar 16 '11, 1:28AM
  • I think posh english accents are cute lol

    eirene Mar 8 '11, 12:16PM

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