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  • GESS my lyrics
    [published: Apr 05, 2015, 1 comment]

    There are people who konw the lyrics to every song but let's see if you konw the lyrics to MY songs (well most……

  • how crazy are you
    [published: Apr 05, 2015]

    There are many crazy people are you one of them. Find out and people please don't take this in the wrong way……

  • how well do you know Raven Queen
    [published: Mar 22, 2015, 3 comments]

    There are many Ever After High fans so I see people playing like there Blondie Locks, Kitty ,I……

  • witch of my sides are you
    [published: Mar 21, 2015]

    There's many people that have more then one side which one of my sides are you come take my quiz to……

  • witch of my best friends are YOU?
    [published: Mar 18, 2015, 1 comment]

    There are many people who wonders "if I was someone else who would be my friends so that's why……

  • how well do you know me?
    [published: Mar 12, 2015, 1 comment]

    There are many people in the world. A lot know me but only a few trueley do that's why I made this quiz……

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  • "Hey i was just stopping by (i miss this website) so anyways @whiplash you are so f---ing wrong. Not all emos do self-harm.you have to be em..."
  • Post a pic!
    "How do you post a picture (I'm stupid okay)"
  • "Really? Immamartian really? Wow"
  • "1)Seeing my real parents 2)Red moons 3)Nightmares comeing to life (littery) 4)seeing my reflection in the mirror (at "
  • Meat
    "Why do I feel this COULD be adout me? I'm not eating as much meat any more (but i can go only one day without it)"
  • "Red i would be a redhead I think I'm going to die my hair red. What is amiea whateve?"
  • theaters
    "And thanks for reading my stuff: )"
  • theaters
    "Okay thanks guys that really help. Besides if ppl seen me they would they I'm a vamp or wolf cos of my teeth and eyes. so thanks guys it hel..."
  • theaters
    "I made videos of my self being crazy should I put them on YouTube? Good idea or bad?"
  • "No it's great mate "
  • meat
    "Oh yeay and if I go a. .say two days my body shakes and I'm not really my self (chews on meat stick)"
  • meat
    "Yeay that someone is ME turewerewolf I never go a day in my life without meat sometimes I eat 5 different types a day can someone help. If I..."
  • garden
    "One time I took a quiz and it read I'm a garden fairy I love gardens"
  • meat
    "Do you think it's weird for "someone" I KONW to never go a day in her life with out any meat"

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