GESS my lyrics

There are people who konw the lyrics to every song but let's see if you konw the lyrics to MY songs (well most anyways) some I wrote ,got from a book or knew.

Do you konw what they are find out here in this quiz you May konw some of them some you may had know clue existed so take my quiz to see if you MY lyrics why do I keep saying my lyrics anyway hope you have fun

Created by: turewerewolf

  1. *fill in a space*(song: If You Dare) )Howls in the night Scratching on your Windows, _ in the forest red eyes gleaming through the_ discover a world of BEASTS beyond your wildest dreams if you _
  2. The cold wind :_ your stuck forever in my head all though your _ back from the dead I realized,I _ your so head_ and heart-less
  3. MY brain has turned to mushy goo, my insides are like wombat stew, I've lost my_ and my left_ .
  4. You know what I'm dying _I'm crying_ I'm sighin_
  5. *the curse of the WEREWOLF*can you here it _ calling of the moon it _ reaching _ me now_ not stop it _ break free no _ a man I am. the _ is in control
  6. *love the way you lie* just gonna _ there and watch me burn _ alright cos I love the way it burns. _ gonna stand there and here me _ that's alright cos I love _ way _ lie
  7. Someone take me down and love me oh I miss the way it used to _.why can't they just _
  8. *Monster* the secret _ of me I never let you see I keep it caged but I can't _ it so stay away from me the BEAST _ ugly
  9. Okay I'm out how are you?
  10. Did you like my quiz

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