how girly/popular are you?

There are some true girly girls out there. What do i think agirly girl is? I think a true girly girl is someone who is very self-contious and cares about them selves very carfully!

Are you a true girly girl? Do have the title to be a true girly girl unstead of a big tomboy? Well you have to take my quiz to find out just what you are!

Created by: rachel
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  1. you are out at your favorite store, and you have $100 how much money do you spend?
  2. how long do you spend shopping?
  3. you'r painting your room, what color do you paint it?
  4. how often do you wear make-up?
  5. how long does it take for you to get around in the morning?
  6. what do you think of cheerleaders?
  7. how do you wear your hair?
  8. how do you paint your nails?
  9. there are 2 team captins, when do you get picked?
  10. what is your favorite outfit?

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Quiz topic: How girly/popular am I?