Which hot British actor fits you?

Girls: Which hot British actor fits you? Have you ever wondered which of these hearthrobs fit YOUR personality? Ever wondered how YOU stack up compatibility wise with these Brit lads? (The six are (in no particular order): Ewan McGregor, Christopher Eccelston, Cillian Murphy, Damian Lewis, Orlando Bloom, and Pierce Brosnan). Take this quiz, and find out!

Note: NO questions about preferred looks or anything physical, it's purely intellectually driven! That makes it more interesting, don't you think? Good luck!

Created by: vtpina

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  1. Golf or soccer?
  2. You're late for work, you tell your boss:
  3. When relaxing you play:
  4. Holiday Getaway?
  5. You see someone being robbed. You...
  6. Most important Quality in a Person?
  7. Another job?
  8. Preferred Drink?
  9. Meat or Soy?
  10. Life Quote?
  11. Favorite movie?
  12. Favorite song?

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