There are many Rupert Grint fans out there, but few are true Rupertologists. A Rupertologist is, afterall, a very detail oriented person. A fan who is not afraid to calculate how many times he touches his face in a 10 minute interview, is able to study his body language and emotion through very close observation.

Rupert Grint plays Ron in Harry Potter. DUH! We all know that! But do you know HIM, the actor, the person, the guy underneath all of that hot British skin?

Created by: Jo of Ice Cream Man/ Rupert Grint
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  1. What kind of undies does Rupert wear?
  2. Name one nervous tick Rupert does not do.
  3. Name one impersonation Rupert has not done.
  4. What item on the list has not been reported as someting Rupert has consumed.
  5. Which of these artists did Rupert mention he likes?
  6. How many other red heads are in Rupert's family?
  7. About how many times did Rupert have to take driving lessons before passing?
  8. Has Rupert ever described his first kiss?
  9. Rupert is rumored to have a thing for which kind of girls?
  10. How many freckles does Rupert have?

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