How Well Do You Know MagCon?

There are many Magcon fans in the world. Some may be considered newborns, the ones who know nothing-few things about the boys. Others may be considered true fans, the people who know every little detail about everything about the boys.

Are YOU a true fan or a newbie? Even though it's not a bad thing to be a newborn, because even true fans were newborns at once, but would it be nice to know which one you are? Find out in this test.

Created by: amazon
  1. Who is Bart?
  2. Which of the boys have been best friends the longest?
  3. When was the first MagCon event?
  4. Which 4 boys belong to 26MGMT
  5. Who sings "Life Of The Party"?
  6. Who raps in "Wild Life" ?
  7. Who makes up the ship name "Cashew"
  8. True or False: Hayes' real name is Hamilton
  9. Who is the oldest member?
  10. Last Question: When did the Original MagCon break up?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know MagCon?