Are you a newborn?? (magcon version)

Here is the ULTIMATE test to see if your really a newborn to the magcon fandom or not! Just take the test and promise you wont cheat! I love magcon a lot and this test will prove if you do to! Good luck!

Soooo are you ready to take this test, OR NAH!?!? Just take this test I made to know if you are! I will tell you if your okay, if you need to know more, if your perfect, or if your just not even a fan! Here is your chance to find out, Good luck!

Created by: Jaaden
  1. What is Shawn's sister's name?
  2. Who says pubic hair the most?
  3. Who sings?
  4. Who was in the movie "Expelled" ?
  5. Where does Jack and Jack live?
  6. What is Cameron's middle name?
  7. Who is Skylynn?
  8. Who wears bandanas?
  9. How old is Hayes?
  10. What is the name of one of Jacob's songs?
  11. Who had a girlfriend named Maggie?
  12. Who is the oldest magcon member?
  13. Why did Cameron get put in a wheelchair?
  14. Who hates pickles?
  15. Who had braces?
  16. Who is Mahogany?
  17. Who made the streaking video on YouTube?
  18. Who is all ways mistaken for Justin Bieber?
  19. What does Magcon mean?
  20. What is carter's mom known for saying?
  21. Who has blonde hair?
  22. Who has a nephew?
  23. Is this test boring? Be honest
  24. Who smokes?
  25. Who was on Radio Disney?
  26. Who did the baby food challenge?
  27. Who did the video "sandwiching people" ?
  28. Who has an older sister named Sierra?
  29. Who always fight elevators? (it's okay if you don't know this one)
  30. Who said "live simply so others can simply live" ?
  31. Who did the lemon challenge?
  32. Who made a pizza at Pizza Hut?
  33. What the Jacks first song called?
  34. Who is the youngest?
  35. Who is from North Carolina?
  36. What did you think of this test?

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Quiz topic: Am I a newborn?? (magcon version)