Are you a newborn? MagCon Quiz

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If you think you know everything thing there is to know about magcon take this quiz and see what you place! 💕 Have these guys changed your life? I hope they did as much as they changed mine!

Are you a newborn? Because if you are please leave no one like you! and you're probably like 11 so..... But if your think you're a true member of this family/fandom take this quiz and find out! 😁💕

Created by: Elizabeth
  1. Where was the first Magcon?
  2. Who has bright blue eyes?
  3. Who is the Manger over Magcon?
  4. Who always wears bandanas?
  5. What is Candice, ( Aaron's sister kid) name?
  6. Who gave out Jacobs number by accident on twitter?
  7. Who always says ya lying?
  8. Who are the people in the ship name #JOX
  9. When did everything change? (When MagCon broke up)
  10. Who moved to LA?

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Quiz topic: Am I a newborn? MagCon Quiz