Which magcon boy are you?

There are many more Magcon boys than the ones added in this quiz but these are some of my favorite and I hope they will become your favorites too! :)

So which Magcon boy are you? are you like Nash, Cameron, Hayes, Matt, Jack J, or Jack G? well only time can tell why don't you take this quiz and see.

Created by: RileyNichole
  1. (Those top two don't count)Which would you rather go to?
  2. Would you rather?
  3. What is you favorite line form MKTO's song Classic?
  4. Favorite quote from the song So Good?
  5. Favorite song from the quote Gone, Gone, Gone?
  6. Favorite quote from the song Not a Bad Thing?
  7. Which movie do you prefer?
  8. Which sport do you like better?
  9. Are you done with these questions?
  10. Are you ready to see which Magcon boy you are?

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Quiz topic: Which magcon boy am I?