What do you know about the magcon boys

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How well do you know the magcon boys? Do you really think you know them? Well come play and we shall spot the newborns who say they are real fans! Are you a real fan? Are you sure? Well let's find out.

Don't worry my questions are not that hard. Maybe some of them are hard but a few are really silly come play and tweet me your result! @shawninfinityx

Created by: Shawninfinityx

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  1. What was Cameron's first YouTube video name?
  2. Who said " we just banged 8 girls on the beach"
  3. What was the girl's name that matt asked to homecoming ?
  4. How old is Shawn Mendes ?
  5. Which one of these songs has taylor caniff in it?
  6. Which one of them doesn't sing?
  7. Mahogany and Jacob are:
  8. Jacob likes:
  9. Carter and ___ are bestfriends
  10. Carter and ___ are bestfriends
  11. Who loves justin bieber
  12. Who doesn't go to school ? :p

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Quiz topic: What do I know about the magcon boys