Think you know me?

So, you think you know the real me? Not just the super hot, gorgeous, charming, playful creature you see before you, but the REAL DEAL? Well then, give it a go.

Please note...some of the questions may have more than one correct answer. However, some of the choices are more correct than others. The more spot on you are, the higher the point value. Enjoy!

Created by: Shari
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. If I had to choose just one favorite colour, what would that be?
  2. Do I have a pet?
  3. If I do have a pet, what kind of pet is s/he?
  4. If I don't have a pet, why don't I?
  5. My couch is one helluva sexy beast. What colour is it?
  6. What is my decorating style?
  7. I likes me booze...what's my drink of choice?
  8. Do I have a sweet tooth?
  9. Of the following flavor choices, which is my favorite?
  10. I am a girl about town! What's my favorite hangout?
  11. I looooove to sing...who do people think I sound most like?
  12. Which of the following jobs have I NEVER held?
  13. What/Who is my favorite current Band/Artist?
  14. Which of the following destinations do I plan to visit in the next year?
  15. I'm at Starbucks. Well, not right NOW...but use your imagination. What is my drink of choice?
  16. If I picked up a menu with the following choices...which would I be most likely to choose?
  17. What is my favorite flower?
  18. What is my dream car?

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