The "real deal" IQ test

This quiz does not sugarcoat your testresults like most IQ-tests do. This is the real deal. So take the test and find out, how smart you are....that is: if you dare!

This test does not give an exact score, but will give you an impression of how smart you are, based on your answers. This is just for fun and has nothing to do with real certified IQ-tests.

Created by: Ann
  1. What is 50% of a third of 600?
  2. What day is it today if tomorrow was Monday two days ago
  3. Julie's grandfather's only child, Frank, who is now an adult, has six children. Matt, Peter, Elisabeth, Paul and Benjamin. What's the name of the sixth child?
  4. If it takes five horses to eat five carrots in five minutes. How long does it take for 50 horses to eat 50 carrots?
  5. Lemonade, juice, water, wine, coffee, tea. Which drink is the odd one out?
  6. Think quick and answer immediately after reading this: "Silk, silk, silk, silk, silk" What does a cow drink?
  7. Finished files are the result of years of scientific study combined with the experience of years... How many f's do you see in the sentence?
  8. 1,8,4,11,7,14,10,17,13... What comes next?
  9. a,e,g,k,m,q,s... What comes next?
  10. Hand is to glove as hat is to...

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