What do I like?

There are people who are friends and some who just say they are. Are you one of my friends? Well if you are or say you are, you can answer these questions with no hesitation. And if you get lower than 70% on this,you'll deal with me later,I mean it. Lol! JK!

Are you a true friend of mine? Well if you think you are you can take this test with absolutely no problom. So if you ace it, you really are a true friend! But if you fail this test,I am just gonna have to deal with you later, and I mean it. Lol! JK!

Created by: Lady H

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which favorite is my favorite...est?
  2. What am I interested in?
  3. Who do I like?
  4. What insruments do I play?
  5. Who's my favorite celebrity?
  6. What's my favorite show?
  7. Who's my favorite character?
  8. When is my Birthday?
  9. Who's my favorite God/Goddess?
  10. What are my dog's names?
  11. Who are my sisters?
  12. How would you describe me in 1 word?
  13. What's my last name?
  14. Where's my favorite vacation spot?
  15. Which is the band I like more than the rest?
  16. What's my favorite color(s)?

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