Does My Guy Friend Like Me?

So, do you think he likes you? Are you guys more than friends? Maybe you guys need to wait, or just go for it. Or just stay friends? Who knows!

Just answer these questions as truthfully as you can, or it'll turn out bad, and you might get the wrong idea. So go head! Think of your guy. Now answer these questions about him:

Created by: IDK123
  1. Don't worry, the first 2 questions don't do anything. So you're a girl, right?
  2. So, um, think back to the last time you chatted with him on Facebook, texted him, or talked to him. How often does he say hey first?
  3. Cool. So how often to you see him, not counting school or work, or some activity.
  4. OK, so are you kinda like his "type".
  5. So let's pretend you fall in class, and everyone laughs. :( What would he probably do.
  6. Has he ever flirted with your best friend in front of you, or made her laugh, then look at you?
  7. Have you ever caught him staring at you and when you noticed, did he still stare?
  8. Has he ever told you a joke, then laughed when you laughed?
  9. When you're alone, does he try and sit next to you, or talk to you?
  10. So lets say you get a haircut. Does he notice? And BTW, what does he say...
  11. OMG! He catches you staring at him! What does he say?
  12. He has...
  13. Around you he acts.
  14. On Facebook which of his lists are you on?
  15. Do his friends tease you when your around?
  16. Soo, uh, does he like things you like, or say he does?
  17. So, tell me how long have you known him.
  18. Well, does he invite you to go places with him or hang out?
  19. So, when he sees you, what's he do?
  20. Does he flirt with you, girl?
  21. Soo, how does he act when you 2 are allow?
  22. OK! Last question. Does he act nervous and change mood a lot when he's around you?
  23. OK. So, just wondering... Why'd you take this quiz?

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