Are You A True Best Friend? Part 1?

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There are many qualities that a true best friend has to have to be @ a good percentage. There's support, loyalty, trustworthiness, helpfulness, encouragement, honesty, and a lot more. Friends. They basically could be known as acquaintances They come and go. But Best Friends are forever.

SO do you wonder your accurate percentage in whether or not you are a true best friend. If you answered yes, take this quiz. I guarantee it will help in some ways, if not many. If not, ALL.;)

Created by: Aero87Girly
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  1. Your bffl just failed her test! You...
  2. Your bestie didn't bring her lunch today! You...
  3. If your bestie didn't want to go on a roller coaster with you you would...
  4. Your bestie is going through a breakup You...
  5. You do an act in the school talent show... The popular girls invite you to hang with them at the lunch tables in the school caf. And at the mall, do you agree?.. EVEN AFTER THEY THREW EGGS AT YOUR BEST FRIEND?!!
  6. You and your bestie like the same guy around the area... You..
  7. Will she be your made of honor and be playing bingo with you in the retirement home in later days?
  8. You are in Hawaii with fam... Do you bother to text your bff or send her a postcard?
  9. Friendship bracelets or jewelry. Or Something? Own One?
  10. Best best friend initials that describe your relationship..

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Best Friend? Part 1?