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There is a series of books called the Keys To The Kingdom series. Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday. It is an awesome series of books!

How much do you know? You must have read all of the books or the ending will be spoiled and you won't know the answers. The titles are the names of the Trustees (just a reminder). Please don't cheat. Some questions are harder than others. Good luck!

Created by: Nina Addy

  1. The main Character is called Arthur...
  2. His friend from Earth is called...
  3. His friend from the house is called Suzy...
  4. Suzy is a Piper's Child. What era of history was she from?
  5. What was Suzy's name before she came to The House?
  6. How many top servants does each day have?
  7. At the end of Mr Monday what was Suzy Promoted to?
  8. What is Arthur's Childhood toy?
  9. What was the 1st Key?
  10. What was the 2nd key?
  11. What was the 3rd Key?
  12. What was the 4th Key?
  13. What was the 5th Key?
  14. What was the 6th Key?
  15. What was the 7th Key?
  16. What were the 7 will parts?
  17. What was Monday's demesne (area)?
  18. What was Tuesday's demesne (area)?
  19. What was Wednesday's demesne (area)?
  20. What was Thursday's demesne (area)?
  21. What was Friday's demesne (area)?
  22. What was Saturday's demesne (area)?
  23. What was Sunday's demesne (area)?
  24. What is Arthur?
  25. What is the epicentre of the universe and (mostly) the place where the story is set?
  26. What did Tuesday do to his _ main servants?
  27. The Architect created everything with what?
  28. What are the deadly creatures of Nothing?
  29. Which of these do not inhabit The House?
  30. Who were the Children of The Architect and the Old One?
  31. What is the Mariner's choice of weapon?
  32. Who were the sorcerers in Drowned Wednesday?

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