How much do you know about Kingdom Keepers?

There are a lot of people in the world, but only a few are genius's that know everything about Kingdom Keepers!!!!! So, you will see how smart you are when you take this quiz!

Are you a genius about Kingdom Keepers?? If you take this quiz you will find out in just a few moments!! So, one question are you a genius??? Don't know yet??? I suggest you take the quiz!!

Created by: Toni

  1. What is Philby's first name?
  2. What sport does Willa do?
  3. Who is the leader of the Overtakers?
  4. Who is the leader of the DHI's?
  5. In the first book, when the DHI's find the letters, what do the lettes spell out?
  6. What color was Jess's hair when she was known as Jezebelle?
  7. In book one, did Philby and Finn get chased by T-Rex bones on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?
  8. Was Wayne an Imagineer?
  9. Who is the evil villain in Fantasia?
  10. Does Maleficent have a bird?
  11. What color is Maleficent's skin?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Kingdom Keepers?