how to tell that you are a newborn (fake magcon fan)

NEWBORNS. all the REAL fans of the magcon boys HATE them. do you want to know if you are a newborn? do you want to know if you MIGHT be a newborn? Take this quiz!

ARE YOU A NEWBORN?! or are you an awesome real fan? this quiz will help you find out! So, take it and see if you have the potential of a newborn.

Created by: shaniqua
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how long have you been a fan of Magcon?
  2. are you younger than 12 years old?
  3. Who's your favorite boy?
  4. Who is Mahogany?
  5. who is Bart?
  6. where does Nash live?
  7. Who did Shawn go on tour with for his first tour?
  8. What is Carter's mom's catch phrase.
  9. Can Matt twerk
  10. who were best friends for the longest time?

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