Is MagCon your bae or nah ?

You think you know MagCon ? Do you have what it takes to tell a fake fan all the necessary facts and correct them . Do MagCon come before anything else or nah ?

Find out if you're a die hard fan of Nash , Cameron , Matthew , Taylor , Jack J , Jack G , Aaron , Shawn , Carter and see if they before anything else ??

Created by: Chelsea of MagCon is bae
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  1. How many members are there in MagCon ?
  2. Who was said to have sexual contents between each other ?
  3. What is Cameron's second name ?
  4. Who is Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd
  5. When did Jack and Jack meet each other ?
  6. What is Nash's real name ?
  7. '_________' wears bandana's
  8. What did Nash make for his first date?
  9. What song is sung by Shawn Mendes ?
  10. In who's vine was there a dinosaur in the bathroom?
  11. Who is Mahogany ?
  12. When is Nash's birthday
  13. Who is Carter's ex girlfriend
  14. Who constantly hurts themselves and shouts for 'Mom'
  15. Who is Molly ?
  16. What movie has Cameron Dallas just been stared in ?
  17. They boys always dance to '_____' at MagCon
  18. What is the Jack's favourite thing to do together ?
  19. Who is the most sexual person from MagCon ?
  20. Do you got a bae or nah was sung by whom in a vine ?

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Quiz topic: Is MagCon my bae or nah ?