Are You A True Magcon Fangirl?

Magcon. A name that we all love. Nash has over 11 millions followers on vine. Now the only questions is, are you up for the incredibal challenge? There will be questions involving quite a long time ago or something that happened yesterday!

Are YOU the fangirl that Nash or Matt DREAMS about? But first, I mean, you gotta know a couple little facts about these boys. See if you can pass my AMAZING challenge

Created by: Rian

  1. Who is going on the World Tour?
  2. When is Skylynns birthday?
  3. When was Magcon created?
  4. When did it all change? (magcon ending)
  5. Who are the two people who got their numbers leaked?
  6. What is Carter's favorite word?
  7. Live Simply So Other's Can Simply Live-- who said this quote?
  8. Who was the one who decided to create Magcon?
  9. ABOUT How many reasons did the apartment complex list on why Cameron and Nash should get kicked out?
  10. Why did Magcon end?

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Magcon Fangirl?