How well do you know MagCon?

Some people are a true MagCon fan and some people are not. MagCon is a group of people (11 boys, 1 girl) who tours around the U.S to meet their fans. They are known from this app called "Vine" where you post a 6 second clip.

Are YOU are true MagCon fan? Do you have what it takes to see how well you know them? Do you know everything about MagCon or are you a fraud? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Vicky

  1. What color is Nash's eyes?
  2. Who is Cashew?
  3. Who wears bandanas the most?
  4. Who in MagCon sings?
  5. When was Jacob and Hayes added to the group?
  6. What is Carter's middle name?
  7. What is Taylor's first name?
  8. Who's the oldest in MagCon?
  9. Who are the Grier brothers?
  10. Who went on tour with Austin Mahone?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know MagCon?