Are you a big magcon fan? (OLD MAGCON)

So this quiz is about the OLD magcon boys! If you think you are a loyal fangirl you should really test it! Only real fangirls will get trough this.. so you better be one!

are YOU a REAL fangirl?? Do you watch all the boys their videos, go a lot on instagram, Vine and Twitter? (following them of course) Then this test is something for you! [NO NEWBIES ALOUD]

Created by: Mrs Dallas

  1. There are 2 boys who have been best friends the longest, who?
  2. Do you have Vine?
  3. What is Nash's Magcon nickname?
  4. How many girls are there?
  5. How long are you a fan?
  6. What guy had been bullied in high school
  8. Who's your favourite?
  9. name a song of Shawn Mendes
  10. Aaron
  11. Do you like Nash Grier?
  12. Matthew espinosa makes the best..

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Quiz topic: Am I a big magcon fan? (OLD MAGCON)