How much of a Fangirl are you (girls only)

There are many people that claim to be "Fangirls". Don't trust them, they are liars. UNLESS they have taken this very test. Find out if you're Fangirl material.

Are YOU a Fangirl? Do you have the fathom power to qualify for the Fangirl title? Until now you could only fathom. But is you turn to put that fathomed Fangirl strength up to the test!

Created by: Sydney

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which book is the quote, "To love is to destroy" from.
  2. In what book did Sirius Black die in? (From Harry Potter)
  3. How many hours do you read a day?
  4. NEWEST book you've read
  5. LAST book you've read
  6. One word: Four
  7. (Doesn't count) What faction???
  8. The rest of the questions don't count, Okay?
  9. Choose
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Quiz topic: How much of a Fangirl am I (girls only)