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do you like the magcon boys? I know I love them. But I bet you love them as much as I do! I would know since you stumbled across my quiz! You lovvveeeeeeeee themmmmmm

Which magcon boy will YOU fall in love with? which magcon boy will be perfect for you? Will it be MAtt? will it be Nash? Will it even be Cameron? I dont know! take the quiz to find out! No matter who you get, all of the boys will always love you! dont get insulted if you dont get your fav! They love you!!! happy quizing! ;)

Created by: Gabi
  1. Whos your fav out of all of these
  2. How would you describe yourself
  3. Whats your major turn on?
  4. What best describes your perfect guy
  5. favorite thing worn from a guy
  6. you love it when a guy
  7. on a scale on 1-6 how much do looks matter to you (1 is the least, 6 Is the most)
  8. choose a random answer:
  9. whats your favorite animal
  10. "Y/N I love you so much and I always have, please go out with me"

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