Are you a new born

In this quiz you will find out if you yourself are a true Magcon New Born. A new born is someone who only likes the boys for looks. I am a true Magcon fan because i grave dedicated my life to them have you?

Please don't cheat on this quiz because if you do your no really being loyal to the boys. If you where really loyal to them you wouldn't cheat. And who knows? Maybe one of then just might take this quiz. So have fun and dont cheat

Created by: Bella

  1. Who likes to wear bandanas?
  2. Who is Cash?
  3. Who is Hayes?
  4. What is 26MGMT?
  5. What's Carter's favorite color?
  6. Who is JOX?
  7. What color are Nash Grier's eyes?
  8. How many siblings does nash have?
  9. How many siblings does Cam have?
  10. What is another Name for Cameron?

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Quiz topic: Am I a new born