What Day were you born on?

Can we guess what weekday you were born on? Yes, we can or at least we will try? Using information from dateofbirth.net we are are sure to guess correctly 8 out of 10 times!

If you answer carefully and Honestly, we are sure we will prevail. If you lie about it though or blind yourself from the truth than it will be difficuly.

Created by: Anonymous
  1. Do You have a good memory of things of the past?
  2. Are you sensitive and emotional?
  3. Do you love to spend time with your family, relatives and close friends.
  4. Do you love peace and you want to make peace?
  5. Do you suffer from anemia related problems, weakness, insomnia and dizziness.
  6. Do you love food?
  7. Do people around you think you are good wife and/or mother?
  8. Are you very active?
  9. Are you brave and serious in your work?
  10. Do people around you think you worry a lot?
  11. Are you overtly materialistic?
  12. Do you ask others opinions a lot, but you eventually do what you think is right?
  13. Are you very straight-forward?
  14. Do some people think that you are somewhat difficult to deal with?
  15. Are you very organized?
  16. Are you mostly simple-minded?
  17. Are curious by nature?
  18. Do you ask a lot of questions and seek to communicate?
  19. Are you satisfied with your life most of the time and are easily contented with what you have?
  20. Are you efficient in your work?
  21. Do some poeple arround oyu think you have a temper? Or think you use to have a temper?
  22. Do you think you are highly intelligent?
  23. Do you always do things which will give you back something in return?
  24. Do people around you think you are wise and highly understanding?
  25. Are you respected most of the time?
  26. Do people think you have leadership qualities and are you in a high position where you work?
  27. Do you like to lead an independent life?
  28. Do people around you think you are stubborn?
  29. Are you easily bored?
  30. Do you love to travel a lot?
  31. Do you typically treat people with respect?
  32. Ar you the harbinger of peace?
  33. Do the creative fields like music, painting, and artistry attract you a lot?
  34. Are you generally happy-go-lucky?
  35. If you are a man, you are very popular among women?
  36. Do you rarely get sick, but when sickness comes it is very bad?
  37. Do you get sad often suddenly by recalling past events?
  38. Do you not trust many people right away even if they are your close friends?
  39. Are you generous in nature?
  40. Do you have very few friends?
  41. Are you a thinker, but sometimes you might get carried away and lose focus on reality?
  42. Do you have the tendency to procrastinate sometimes?
  43. Do people around you think you are very helpful?
  44. Do you love to help those in need?
  45. Do you find difficulty in dealing with situations where some compromise is required?

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