What is your curse??!!

There are many different types of curses, but what is a curse, a curse is something given to you for doing bad things (I.e. murdering someone) but some are born with curses for no reason.

Are you wondering if your one of those born with a curse? Many are born with curses, but you can find out if you were born with a curse and if so, what it is.

Created by: Lizzy
  1. Do you litter?
  2. Do you love animals?
  3. Do you play outside\do yard work?
  4. Do you feel like someone is watching you right now?
  5. Do you feel like your not aging?
  6. Do you always seem to have bad luck?
  7. Do you feel lonely?
  8. Do you ever feel sudden pain you can't explain?
  9. Do you think your cursed?

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Quiz topic: What is my curse??!!