What Once Upon A Time Character are you?

Once Upon a Time is an ABC Family sitcom. OUAT is about all the fairy tale characters are transported during a curse into our world. This curse was cast by the evil queen in order to make everyone loose their happy endings and not remember who they are in order to get her revenge.

This show is known for a lot of things and one of them is our favorite fairytale characters from childhood and their polar opposite personalities. Find out if you're the hero who will save the day or the villain out to get your revenge.

Created by: Allison
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you good, evil, or in between?
  2. Do you believe in magic
  3. Hope ?
  4. In a war you use...
  5. Dream Job
  6. You get stranded on a deserted island. What is your reaction.
  7. Happy endings?
  8. Everyone in this town is a fairy tale character but they're under a curse so they don't remember who they are or if it's true.
  9. What does your name start with
  10. Things on your mind

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Quiz topic: What Once Upon A Time Character am I?