How well do you know Pan from OUAT?

There are many wonderful characters in the ABC , 7 season show Once Upon A Time, but how well do you know one of many fan favorites, the only and only Peter Pan?

Peter Pan is a ruthless bloody demon, the king of Neverland, the boy who never grows up. Once shows him in this dark way on their TV show with fairy take characters in the real world, following the daughter of Snow White and her prince charming , Emma and her son Henry , and his adoptive mother Regina (AKA the Evil Queen) in Storybrooke Maine. But like every fairytale , there is a Villain.

Created by: Mac W

  1. How old is the actor who plays Pan?
  2. Who is Pan after at first?
  3. What is Pans real name?
  4. Who is the actor who plays Pan?
  5. Who is the actor who played Malcom?
  6. Who is Pans son?
  7. What is another name for Pan?
  8. Who has the heart of the truest believer?
  9. Why does Pan keep Wendy?
  10. Who does Pan sacrifice to enact his curse?
  11. What season does Pan debut in?
  12. What season does Pan appear next?
  13. Who's heart was Pan going to get from Rumple?
  14. Is Pan (Or another form of him?) In season 7?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pan from OUAT?