Are you a true Directioner? 2018

Hello, my loves!!! Thank u for not forgetting our boys and taking up this quiz,i really appreciate it! This quiz is about how well do you know our 1D boys. Will u get you ''Directioner'' certificate? Take up the quiz to find out.

Welcome, take up this quiz to find out ur love for the boys. If you are not happy with the quiz, suggest some ideas in comments and spread love in the comment box. please dont fight:) #treatpeoplewithkindness

Created by: Josephine
  1. Who was born with a single kidney?
  2. When was one directon formed?
  3. Will the boys be back?
  4. Who has less Instagram followers compared to other boys?
  5. May 25th 2015?
  6. ''You sing'' became the part of which song in niall's solo?
  8. ''I dont wanna sound selfish but we call our fans 'our girls''Who says this??
  9. Who came as a guest judge in X-Factor 2018 along with Neil Rodgers? [ He is a member of 1D]
  10. *larrie in me rises* September 28th 2013?
  11. Who has the maximum solos in their songs (according to you)

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Directioner? 2018