Are you a newborn or nah

MAGCON! Okay, now that I have your attention... There's only one way to find out if you are a newborn or an epic Magcon fangirl. And that is to take a quiz... So why not thanks this one?

this is a 10 question quiz that will determine if you're a newborn or not! I hope you aren't. If you don't know what a newborn is then take this quiz anyway

Created by: Jaz
  1. What does Magcon stand for?
  2. What does Jack Johnson do?
  3. What is Cameron and Nash's ship name?
  4. Who is Bart?
  5. What was Shawn's first single?
  6. Who made the video "I twerk better than Miley cyrus"?
  7. Who has the middle name "Micheal"?
  8. Do you got a bae?
  9. Who got prank called by an o2l guy saying he needed a place to stay
  10. Who is the main character in the movie Expelled?

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Quiz topic: Am I a newborn or nah