Magcon Newborn Quiz

There's tons of people who love magcon. But there are the newborns too. You do not want to be a newborn. The magcon fandom is fun to be in! Soo much fun!

Maybe YOU are a newborn? Figure this out in this quiz ! Take it! It's super fun and cool to find out what your results were in the end of the test! :)

Created by: magconmagcon12

  1. What's a newborn?
  2. Who's Mahogany?
  3. Who's Panderz?
  4. The Magcon boys like to do the "______" dance
  5. How are the magcon boys famous?
  6. Whos Nash and Cameron's photographer?
  7. Nash likes it when girls...?
  8. Taylor Caniff likes to make YouTube videos with...?
  9. Nash's real name is...?
  10. What would Nash name himself if he was a girl ?
  11. Cam wishes he could "___"
  12. Hayes is going into "____"
  13. Shawn Mendes likes to "_______"
  14. "__________" wears bandanas
  15. Has Taylor Caniff ever been to jail.?

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