Are you a real Magcon fan?

There are few newborns that I know about... Are you one of them? Take this quiz to find out!! A newborn is a person that doesn't know anything about the fandom that they are in and they are a disgrace to this fandom.

Are you a real Magcon fan! Were you here for Shawn's big announcement about his tour!? Were you were when they went their sperate ways?! Were you here for the first Magcon?!

Created by: Camryn

  1. What 3 guys live in the same state?
  2. Is Bart the enemy?
  3. How many siblings does Nash have?
  4. Who cut their foot?
  5. How did he cut his foot?
  6. Who were the original nine?
  7. Did the Magcon boys make up or nah?
  8. What is the Grier's football number?
  9. Who is Cashew
  10. How long have you been in the fandom?

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Quiz topic: Am I a real Magcon fan?