Seven minuets in heaven (For Girls)

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I know there is a LOT of these kind of quizzes but I really wanted to try and make one. The answers are in detail too but nothing considered rude. ^_^

Your friend has invited you t a party with some friends. When you arrive you see six fairly cute boys. A hot emo looking guy, a drop dead gorgeous guy, a lonely looking guy, a smart looking guy, a sporty guy and a rebellious guy. Who will you get seven minuets of heaven with?

Created by: Shannon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which do you prefer when looking for a boy?
  2. What would you rather be doing on a saturday
  3. When your friend asks you to a party you say ... ?
  4. You go to the party and your friend asks you to play seven minuets in heaven. Your reaction is?
  5. You'd describe yourself as?
  6. You friends describe you as?
  7. Favorite animal and why?
  8. Do you like waffles? :D
  9. Choose a song.
  10. Emoticon!! :D
  11. All the questions, even the seemingly pointless ones, effect your answer :D

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