The best 7 minutes in heaven! (girls only)

This quiz is completly clean! There are two results. This is the best 7 minutes in heaven quiz ever! If you love 7 minutes in heaven take this quiz it is so awesome!

All the questions count! The two guys are my secret crushes! Don't tell anyone! I hope Y'all enjoy taking this quiz as much asnI enjoyed making it! Once agian this quiz is 100% clean!

Created by: Alex

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  1. Pick a number.
  2. Pick a letter.
  3. Which type of guy do you like better?
  4. Do you hang out with girls or guys more?
  5. Do you like football?
  6. Do you have more friends or enemys?
  7. What is your favorite name out of these?
  8. Shoe size
  9. Long or short hair?
  10. Let fate decide!

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