Would I Date You? (For Girls)

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Although this quiz is specifically for girls I, unfortunately, cannot prevent boys from taking this quiz as well. Any boys who happen to take this quiz, don't be weird about it please, that's all I ask.

-Just to fill in- "If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie, I don't wanna go. If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie, I just assume stay home. I was one of the chosen few..." finally.

Created by: Dbradley_2002

  1. What is your age? -16-
  2. What is your gender?
  3. What hair color do you prefer?
  4. What eye color do you prefer?
  5. What music genre do you like?
  6. Do you like nature?
  7. If I spoke a different language what would you say?
  8. (Random Question) What if I was a furry? ~I may or may not be one~
  9. If we did go out, where to?
  10. Would you mind if I'm a history buff? (I'm into the First and Second World Wars and the Titanic :P)
  11. One thing I do like is to cook/bake at times. How do you feel about this?
  12. Also along the lines of the cooking question, I actually like to work. What about that?
  13. I play video games a little, still like me?
  14. (Just to fill in) Favorite YouTuber? (I sorta am one :P)
  15. Okay, last one. Like the quiz, blyat?
  16. Was the answer honest? -_o

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