Which OC of mine are you? (For girls)

Hi I'm thinking of writing a book, but I never get to it so I decided to make a quiz about my main characters best friends that are girls. I will make a quiz for the ones that are boys too.

Welcome to a world where medieval and present mix with Knights, dragons, electronics, and Highschool? I know kind of funny and weird, but please just hear me out and enjoy the magical adventure. And rate of I should continue.

Created by: Sarah Summers.
  1. First of where do you want to live?
  2. Okay you wake up and remember that it is a field trip at school today that you need to go on. What do you do first to get ready?
  3. Okay now you are ready you and you reach school. You are with your group of friends and one of them looked, Carol asked if you are excited. What do you say?
  4. You made it to the museum and at one display is a dragon and you see that Carol is uneasy because that Dragon had to do with something in her past. What do you do?
  5. A few days last and it is the festival that celebrates the ceremony of King Alexander, King Charles brother, who died during a dragon attack. It is the last day of school and you and your friends are having a blast, Carol is uneasy the whole time and then she asked you if you remember her true name. You haven't remembered it since second grade. What do you say?
  6. Before she can tell you the announcer said that the assembly was about to start and while going Carol disappeared from veiw. What do you think?
  7. You take a seat with the rest of your friends by the 3 D's. The are boys who try to be detectives though no one let's them "Did you hear they caught a dragon" one of them wispers. Another one whispers "I hear that it can shoot out Lightning" the third one asks "Hey where is Carol she would love this?" What do you say?
  8. Then all the sudden the assembly starts. While the speaker speaks you notice a metallic Dragon and someone with a black cloak on stage. Hope of Summersville the only survivor that was above ground in city limits during the attack of Summersville. What do you think. (Once I made a question to long, but the answers will give her back story)
  9. Then she gets up and says "There have been theories that I can talk to dragons. I am in the school that is for people who can talk with animals, but that didn't mean it was true. In my time I took the Knights course where I took the oath to be loyal to both my and my animals kind." Then she looked at you and you remembered what happened years ago when first met her. "I'm sorry." She whispers to you and her friends. Then ran off into the dragon's cats and quickly realized it. What do you do?
  10. She was able to escape with the Dragon without hurting anyone and some how no one got a good look at her except for you and your friends, so no one knows what she looks like. The last you heard is she fell off a cliff and the Dragon saved her at the last possible second. What do you do?
  11. Now that is the end of that. If you could speak to any animal and share powers with it What would you choose?
  12. Okay you don't have to answer this, but I want tell you that you will meet Hope aka Carol again and she will answer the questions you have and she is good. Rate to tell me if I should make a book.

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Quiz topic: Which OC of mine am I? (For girls)