What character are you from my book?

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Hello, I am writing a book called Key of Time. The basic plot is a girl and her two friends find a key that belongs to a guy and as they return he vanishes and along with him and their other friend Keith they go back in time to stop Drekus.

This quiz is mainly to figure what character you are from my book! I was bored and decided to make it and I worked hard so I hope you enjoy it. Anyways go on! :)

Created by: Mockingjayloves
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite pastime?
  3. Which is most important
  4. Did you have a imaginary friend when you were little?
  5. Scariest out of these?
  6. If you could control one of these which one would you want?
  7. Pick a weapon
  8. Pick a video game! (Copyright goes to whomever made them)
  9. What kind of music do you like?
  10. Favorite flower?
  11. Did you like my quiz? And I may edit it and add more every now and then! And yes this does effect your answer
  12. Oh yeah! One more thing I need to ask. Do you talk to a lot of people at partys?
  13. Anyways byebye!

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Quiz topic: What character am I from my book?