Naruto Blind Date

This is a quiz for girls only for those who are interested in Naruto and men, I don't discriminate, boys if you want to play it, you may, I am not saying that is literally for girls only, and I am not saying this is a male quiz either.

This took a good minute, I hope u enjoyed it bcuz I know I did. P. S. Sorry for the lazy typing, I been up all morning doing this, I am pretty tired, don't ask me why I was, I just did it HUNTY!!

Created by: Anori Inuzuka
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  1. You walk to the training grounds, you see Kakashi Sensei, "Hey you, where are you going?" Kakashi asks. You say:
  2. Whatever your choice was, you are at the training grounds, you see Kiba training with Akumaru. You Think:
  3. You decided to stay and watch Kiba get stronger. He takes notice of you, You then:
  4. He runs up to you and smile,"What your are you doing here?" Kiba asked. You say:
  5. He stares at u with a seductive smile. You:
  6. He looks into your eyes, and wraps his arm around your waist, "I love you," Kiba says. You:
  7. He then says, "I see you later," and he walks off, you see Sasuke come into the training grounds Shirtless. You:
  8. Hey, come here, I want to ask you something. You:
  9. Eventually you grew a pair and went over to see what he wanted, "Hey, meet me in the forest, when night falls okay," Sasuke said. You:
  10. You agree to meet him at night fall and he smiles, he walks up then your stomach growls. You:
  11. So you decided to go to the Roman Shop before you stomach grows teeth, you see Naruto there. You:
  12. What ever you choice the in the last question, you go in and sit next to him, "Hi____, I am glad your here, I wanted to ask you on a date to this place but I was to afraid of rejection hehe," Naruto said. You:
  13. After the short date with Naruto, he hugged me tightly, "You're the nicest person I know," Naruto whispered into your ear. You:
  14. After that you walked out, and ran to the 5 kage statues. "Don't the statues look amazing," Neji say, You:
  15. You both stare at them and he wraps his hand around your waste, your body's feel like they are glued to each other, he said, "I've wanted to hold you like this for a while!" You:
  16. He draws you in close to kiss you. What do you do?
  17. After that you see night fall and you decided to meet Sasuke, you went in the forest and he was no where to be found. You:
  18. Sasuke sneaks up behind you and twirl you around, You see his face but before you could even say his name, his lips were on yours, What will you do?
  19. He then explains his love to you and says come out guys, you see Kiba, Neji, Naruto, and Sasuke standing out in front of you, "We all have feelings for you, you have to pick one!" Sasuke says. "Wha-" You reply. "Pick the one you love," Neji said. You choose:
  20. If you were crying in the woods, who would you want support from?
  21. Did you like these questions?

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