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'Sup guys/girls I made this in honor of my mini-me....she wanted me to do this but...if you wanna know your sugar coated candy man then this is the quiz ^.^

I got Gaara, Itachi, Sasuke, Naruto, Kiba, and Kakashi ^.^ who will be your candy man?!? I hope you enjoy this because it kinda took forever...but hey I do it for you all to enjoy ^.^ comment what you get and if you got who you wanted :)

Created by: ilovesasuke
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  1. Ok, I'm sorry I should've put this into the title...but this is gonna kinda be a role playing game ^.^ this ______ means your name...like my name is _____ got it ^.^
  2. Ok...you're walking through Konaha (sorry if I mispelt that) and you're new to the place...well sorta...you were born there, but your mom died giving birth to you and your dad died fighting the nine-tailed fox.
  3. You were trained by different ninja from other villages...so you know all secret justus, original justus, and well your own justu ^.^ anywho you feel someone walking behind you, you turn around and see someone in an orange jumpsuit and blonde hair with blue eyes.
  4. "Hi, are you new here," he asked. "Yeah, sorta," "sorta?," "yeah," you then tell him about your past. "Oh I'm sorry," he said looking down. "Don't be," you said smiling, "I mean, you can't hold onto the past..that'll affect everything you attempt at life," you explain. "Well, that is the smartest thing I've ever heard of," he said with a huge smile. You can't help but smile back. "Oh my name is Naruto by the way," he said. "Well nice to meet ya Naruto, I'm _____," you tell him. 'She said my name...*giggle*' Naruto thought.
  5. After Naruto got through showing you around, you looked at the Sun's setting, you then figure that its time for you to train. You remember training at a place in the woods by a waterfall. You go there and start training. You hear someone coming and think 'what's up with people coming behind me?' You turn around and see a guy with a dog. The guy had a hooded jacket with a dog in his jacket. "Oh...um hey," he says. "Um..hi...so um," you try to say something interesting but the dog comes to you and you can't help but bend down to pet him. "Oh Akamaru, you really like people too much," said the guy. "He's cute," you say "yeah...he thinks the same about you," the guy said. You blush a bit then turn to the guy, "well I'm ____," you say holding your hand out for a handshake. "What is this? A business meeting?," said the guy hugging you tightly, "I'm Kiba." You two talk for a while, then you decide you need to get home for the night. Kiba kissed you on the cheek goodbye, you hugged him goodbye then went on your way.
  6. As you were walking through the woods someone was watching you from above you felt. You look up then hear something fall and hit the ground. You rush towards what had fallen, "oh my gosh are you alright?," you ask worried helping the person up. "Yeah I'm fine," you hear the person say in a really deep voice. Then you see baby blue eyes pierce through the darkness around him. "So, you're new here aren't you," he asked. "Yeah, sorta," you say still wanting to know what he looked like.
  7. You were standing there with the moon behind you. "You-you're sure you're alright?," you ask again. He moves out of the darkness and you see his red hair that goes well with his skin tone, but you also see his baby blue eyes open and look towards you as he walks to you slowly. "Ok, you really are ok," you said as you were getting leaves from his hair. "I'm _____," you say a bit shyly. "I'm Gaara," he said gently grabbing your wrist away from his hair. "So you said you were sorta new here? What does that mean? If you don't mind me asking?" He said politely in a voice you really couldn't ignore. "Yeah, its not a really...pretty story but I'll tell ya," you said looking at him with gentle eyes and smiling a shy smile. You tell him your life story so far. "I'm sorry about that, must be hard without anybody there for you," he said with sorrows eyes. "Its fine, I can't let the past ruin my future," you say with happy eyes hugging him tightly. He hugged you back not letting you see him blushing.
  8. "Well I'll see ya later Garra, I'll see you tomorrow," you say hugging him goodbye. "Ok," he said while you and him were in a long embrace. 'He's so muscular, but soft in a way...he makes me feel so safe' you think to yourself.
  9. You were given an address to your home, you got the keys and opened the door. Then someone put their hand over your mouth and pressed you against him/herself. You pull yourself over to the window filled with moonlight, you struggled to look at the person, all you could see were blood red eyes that pierced through the darkness that surrounded you. You can make out the figure to be a male. You reached for a kunai in your holster, then he took his hand off your mouth, "I'm sorry I frightened you, I had no intentions of hurting you, I just wanted to see you better in person." Then guy said in a really deep voice that soothed but scared you at the same time. "See me..better?," you ask confused
  10. "Yes, well...I seen you earlier with those other guys and I wanted to meet you....purposely....unlike how they approached....by accident," he explained. "Oh well thats really kind of you...I didn't know you were playin around...I really was surprised," you and him both laugh a little. "Sorry again for scar--surprising you earlier," he said apologetically. "Its cool," you assuringly, "I almost killed you...so I guess I should be apologizing," you said looking into his eyes. "No need, ____, it was my fault you almost did," he said, "well I'm gonna get going,____, I hope I get see you again, and by the way my names Itachi," he said heading to the window beside you. "You can...except this time you can turn on the lights ," you say looking into his eyes gently. He smiled a little smile then he kissed your cheek..a bit close to your lips. You blush heavily and he escaped out your window and into the darkness of the night.
  11. You rest up for another day, but the hokage wanted to speak with you. You rush there as if you were running late...but you were 1 hour early...'yes, I'm early...wonder what the hokage wants to talk to me about' you think. After an hour the hokage called for you. "_____, I'm putting you in a squad...its squad 7 team Kakashi, you will be replacing one of the team mates there," he explained. "Hey hokage...sorry I'm late I-," the hokage interrupted him, "glad you can finally join us....I don't need an explanation Kakashi, ____ is going to be replacing one of your useless students who is returning to the academy." "Hey Kakashi, I promise to work with the squad and protect my team mates as if I were protecting myself," you say assuringly looking him in the eyes. "I-um good...finally I can trust a team mate," he said nervously. "Kakashi she is at hokage level, although she has no intentions of becoming hokage, she knows what she's doing." "Right hokage...I will take her to the rest of the squad for a meeting," Kakashi said honestly brushing under his mask. (Oh yeah another thing, you can choose how old you are)
  12. You were walking with Kakashi and talking about missions that you have both had. "My first kill was when I was....5? I think," you say. "Wow assassin at such a young age," he said looking into your eyes deeply. He took out his book and began reading it. "Whatcha reading? I've read that before," you say reading the title. "Oh really? That's nice to know someone else reads," he said with happy eyes. He put his book back, then put one arm around you, "_____ you know I won't let anything happen to you," he said with honest and protecting eyes. "Mmm-hmm, I won't let anything happen to you either," you said with the same eyes Kakashi had given you.
  13. You and Kakashi walked for a few minutes and talked about random stuff. When everything went silent, he put his arm around your neck, you put your arm around his waist and continued walking. You then started to cross a small bridge over a small but deep stream to a cherry blossom tree on the other side, you seen two guys, one wearing that familiar orange jumpsuit which you guessed was Naruto. Then you had seen another guy in a blue shirt with a clan symbol on the back, and arm warmers with kahki shorts. He had pale skin and eyes so black they had looked cold and filled with hatred and could see through your soul. "_____!!!!," you heard from Naruto running towards you and then he hugged you, picking you up off the ground and spinning you, "I KNEW I WOULD SEE YOU AGAIN!!!," he said happily. "That's enough Naruto, you can put her down now," said the guy in the blue shirt. "Don't mind him, he's mean to EVERYONE," said Naruto putting you down. The guy in the blue shirt walked towards you, "I'm Sasuke Uchiha, I hope you're better for the squad," he said glaring over to Naruto. "Oh yeah I almost forgot, _____ you will be replacing Sakura," said Kakashi. "Good, someone needed to," said Sasuke. "Alright well, I guess the meetings over, see you guys tomorrow," said Kakashi going back towards the village.
  14. You look at the Sun's rays and figure you should train for the day. You begin to head towards your training ground, but then the wind blew and a few cherry blossoms were unknowingly caught in your hair. You were training, then you see a kunai from the corner of your eye heading towards you. You move out of the way in the blink of an eye. "Well you do prove yourself," you hear a familiar voice from a bush, "much better than Sakura." The person with the voice stood and you had seen it was Sasuke, the moonlight reflecting his skin looked almost unreal to you. "Oh, hey Sasuke," you say with a smile you haven't done before, 'I'm smiling? When does that happen? Oh well stay focused' you think to yourself. "Mind if I join?," Sasuke asked, "sure, I haven't trained with someone else before," you say happily. You both trained for a long time. You were about to do a close range attack until he grabbed your wrist gently and pinned you against a tree, looking you in the eyes, "you have a little something...," he trailed off as he took a cherry blossom from your hair. Your eyes met in a gaze, your eyes had reflected the moonlight perfectly. He put your hands in his, then he kissed you passionately while you were off guard. Your eyes were wide and were blushing but then you began to kiss him back, closing your hands into his. When he pulled back, he had seen you blushing and couldn't help but smile.
  15. Ok well if you wanted that to happen with your candy man then you can replace it with who ever it was you wanted ^.^ but... who is your candy man? ;)

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