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  • [b][url=[no urls]]Which hot British actor fits you?[/url][/b]

    You r Result: [b]You fit Pierce Brosnan!![/b]

    Your appreciation for the finer, simpler things in life is not without it's own adventures. Your strong presence and sensibility may cast you as arrogant, but it is simply an expression of the passion you have your job. An idealist, you garner close confidants with whom you can share your ideas and dreams. As a hopeless romantic people may deem you old fashioned, but refinement and polish makes wine all the sweeter.

    [i]Result Breakdown:[/i]
    80% You fit Pierce Brosnan!!
    53% You fit Cillian Murphy!!
    51% You fit Damian Lewis!!
    31% You fit Ewan McGregor!!
    28% You fit Orlando Bloom!!
    26% You fit Christopher Eccelston!!

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    Cool quiz!

  • hey all, i got Orlando Bloom for this quiz!!! i am proud of my result. He is an amazing person and i am one of his bigget fans!!!!

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