How Thai-american are you?

Growing up in a Thai community in Eastern NC, and then meeting Thai-american kids from other areas, I realized that we all have had a similar upbringing.

"Are YOU Thai-american?" -- This quiz is intended for those who have one American parent and one Thai parent. Natives of Thailand who now reside in America may find the quiz very simple, or even stereotypical, but the stuff asked is hopefully very common knowledge for Thai-american children. And if you are just a fan of Thai culture, maybe.. just maybe.. we can adopt you as a Thai-american!

Created by: Matthew
  1. What is somebody called from Thailand?
  2. "Gin khao" is said to ask if somebody is hungry. What does it really translate to?
  3. What dish do all non-Thais know about when they think of Thai cuisine?
  4. As a boy, what would I say to my Grandma to thank her for the meal.
  5. Sticky rice: where is it usually served out from?
  6. Where does the adjective usually go in respect to the noun in Thai? (Example: rot daeng, rot noi)
  7. Neung, song, sahm, see, ha (Note: continue the pattern)
  8. Which ingredient is NOT common in traditional Thai dishes?
  9. Thailand has the best _____ [gatoey]. (What's "gatoey?")
  10. What does "sawatdee ka/khrap" mean?
  11. Farang (often pronounced as falang) is the Thai word for a guava fruit. What about its colloquial meaning?
  12. Which will you NOT see at a Thai party?
  13. Who is not a mixed Thai? (Note: mixed either with European, African, or another Asian descent)
  14. What portrait will you MOST likely see hanging in a Thai's house?
  15. Which one is NOT a common Thai nickname?
  16. What is the traditional Thai greeting?
  17. What is the capital of Thailand?
  18. Final question: are you Thai-american (of mixed descent), Thai-american (immigrated to America from Thailand), Thai, or other?

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Quiz topic: How Thai-american am I?