Do you know your bands?(not for 1d or 5sos fans)

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This quiz is kinda hard and it's not for people who listen to bands like one direction or 5 seconds of summer it's for the real head bangers like me that listen to bands such as pierce the veil sleeping with sirens crown the empire ECT...

In this quiz you can test your fangirl (or boy) strengths and see where you need to improve! Test your fan skills with this quiz and if you don't get a good score study and come back to take it again!!!

Created by: Maddi
  1. Finish the song lyrics "this is not what it is only......"
  2. Finish the lyrics "If you can't hang then....."
  3. Finish the lyrics "can we create something beautiful and......."
  4. Finish the lyrics "keep your hope up high and your head......"
  5. Finish the lyrics "if we are born to die and we all die to love then what's the point of loving life if......"
  6. Finish the lyrics "operator is there anybody at all that can explain why I gave......."
  7. (Last lyric question I promise) what band has these lyrics? "Don't ever trust the devil b----!"
  8. Who is the lead singer of bring me the horizon?
  9. Which band member is now in heaven? (Sorry for any bad memories or anything)...... :(
  10. Who is the bassist of pierce the veil?
  11. Who is the drummer for of mice & men?
  12. Who is pierce the veils mascot?
  13. Who is of mice & men's mascot?
  14. Kellin Quinn is the lead singer for what band?
  15. Which of these bands broke up?:(
  16. Which two bands are British? (I know there are more than two just out of these)
  17. Who features In the song "congratulations" by sleeping with sirens?
  18. Who features in the song "king for a day" by pierce the veil?
  19. In order how do the crown the empire johnny songs go?
  20. What band was ronnie radke formerly in?
  21. Which is NOT a pierce the veil song?
  22. Who is Ryan seamen?
  23. Who is tony perry?
  24. Who in the band of mice & men is morally obsessed with cats?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my bands?(not for 1d or 5sos fans)