are you a metal head?

dirt metal, heavy metal, rock metal, punk rock, metal, heavy. what ever u want to call it! this quiz is to find out if your a metal head and if u like to rock out.

Are YOU a metal head!? back up your answer with this quiz, just a few minutes from your time to prove what u really are. so be prepared to face the truth and get your heads ready to rock.

Created by: Bethany Lusty
  1. how much heavy metals songs do u listen to per day?
  2. do you have any heavy metal posters on your walls at home? or in your bedroom?
  3. out of these bands who is your favourite?
  4. when you listen to heavy metal do you just want to head bang and sing?
  5. if you were making your own band, out of these names what would u name it...
  6. have you been to any heavy metal gigs?
  7. when was the last time u listened to heavy metal?
  8. what instrument do u play?
  9. if heavy metal got banded from the world, what would u do?
  10. do u cry at night knowing that u may never met your bestist heavy metal band?
  11. did u like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a metal head?