How big a Dragonforce fan are you?

I like Dragonforce. Do you like Dragonforce? I think it's the best band ever and that no band can or will surpass its greatness. Do you? Probably not. It's more popular in Europe than in America, So you probably don't know about it.

BUT... if you so happen to know of these gods of Metal, then I would like you to take my test. You'll be suprised at your outcome. You will! Honest! Please go through the grammer check, stupid paragraph.

Created by: Diego

  1. Who is the lead singer in this band?
  2. Who is their lead guitarist?
  3. Who is their second guitarist?
  4. Who plays the Bass guitar for the band?
  5. Who is the keyboardist?
  6. Drummer?
  7. Name the Albums in order of release.
  8. How many songs do they have in their albums total?
  9. How many of their songs are noises made by their instruments?
  10. Which of their hit singles was featured in Guitar Hero III?
  11. What is featured on the DVD in the special edition of the Inhuman Rampage album?
  12. What is the name of their upcoming album?
  13. In an interview, Herman Li said He'd been playing guitar for a number of years. How many?
  14. What has Vadim Pruzhanov done that is very popular?
  15. One of the Band members is not from Europe. Which one?
  16. Which band have they gone on tour with?
  17. In the song Through the Fire and Flames, there is a certain sound they make before the solos begin. What was this sound named?
  18. What is happening in the MV of Through the Fire and Flames?

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Quiz topic: How big a Dragonforce fan am I?