How DRAGONFORCE are you?

DRAGONFORCE - The greatest invention of mankind. The epitome of human development and musical genius. The world has changed and will never been the same. The day of Rockening has arrived. Are you prepared?

How prepared are you to survive in this new golden age of wonder? Discover the DRAGONFORCE within you? Do you have what it takes to live in this new world of extreme awesomeness? To find out, take this sweet quiz!

Created by: Kunt Vagina
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  1. Select the best guitar player in the world:
  2. Complete the following psalm: You beg for just, One more time to escape from all this madness One more time to be set free from all this sadness And one last time to be the one who understands
  3. Which event changed the world in 2006?
  4. Which holy city is the home of DRAGONFORCE?
  5. DRAGONFORCE originally formed with members from a background of which style of music?
  6. Under which name did the unstoppable legion known as DRAGONFORCE originally assemble?
  7. Which of these is not a feature of the new genre of music known as DRAGONFORCE?
  8. From which country does ZP, the lead singer of the group, come from?
  9. Finish the following famous quote: So far away we wait for the day, For the nights all so wasted and gone; We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days...
  10. If DRAGONFORCE imploded due to their extreme awesomeness, what other band would you listen to?
  11. What is the minimum length requirement for any good song?
  12. When did the legendary guitarist, Sam Totman, start playing guitar?
  13. Which is your favorite DRAGONFORCE song?
  14. Have you ever been to a DRAGONFORCE concert?

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Quiz topic: How DRAGONFORCE am I?