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A well deserved-and better sounding-follow-up to "One More for the Road", the band's sophomoric effort contains ten new songs. Brian and Ellen have their share of time before the microphone on several pieces, but Tina is absent for "personal reasons", leaving Ian to play bass (in addition to guitar) while she's gone.

How well do you know the lyrics and other stuff to the "Air Fire Water" album? Take this quiz, then see what frontman Ian has to say about your efforts.

Created by: TFSyndicate of The Plastic E-Gulls
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  1. Where is the "Virgin Lady" from?
  2. Which one of these interjections was NOT used in "We're On This Way"?
  3. Which band member does NOT sing on "I Wanna Be"?
  4. For "A Dime and a Quarter", how long must your song be when you go to record it in the record booth?
  5. Which of these animals is NOT referenced in "Campsite in the Backyard"?
  6. How many guitar tracks play on "Laughing Little Triplets"?
  7. "Now the time has come to close/Everyone listening to the Boseâ„¢/Look out at the sky-you can see_______"
  8. Which of these Clint Eastwood films were shot in Italy?
  9. "There's a hole in the bucket/_____"
  10. In "Come on Inside", what does Ellen ask for when she hears "you're leaving at ten"?
  11. Where did TPEG record "Air Fire Water"?
  12. What kind of books does the "Renaissance Man" enjoy reading?
  13. What kind of books does the "Renaissance Man" enjoy reading?

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